Elect Van White for Monroe County Court Judge

Equality is his life's work.
Ensuring justice for you is his calling.

Equality is his
life's work.
Ensuring justice
for you is his calling.

Monroe County Court

This Court presides over the prosecution of crimes including felony cases & has a degree of jurisdiction in civil cases. The Court may also hear appeals from the City Courts & Town & Village Courts.

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Primary Election – June 22nd
General Election – November 2nd

Get to know Van

Restoring trust in the criminal justice system.

A lack of trust in our criminal justice system is not a condition without repercussions. It has a ripple effect of very damaging consequences. It erodes community confidence from all angles and fuels a cycle of negativity, despair, and hopelessness. People throw their hands up and think ‘What does it matter? The system is rigged.’ Van is acutely aware that steps must be taken to restore belief in the system. As a Monroe County judge, he will work to establish one system of justice for all and rebuild a foundation of trust.


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